Fall into Autumn with a Clean Home

Summer weather tracks in dust, dirt, and maybe a little bit of grime. The kids are in and out. The dogs are in and out. Gardening is happening. Backyard inflatable pools are happening. Lots of outdoorsy life is happening. The cool fall weather is the time to start sweeping it all back outside, freshening up the inside, and in a way, closing up the house for the season.

Summer to Fall

The eye of the mess. Get the rest of your household to help…we doubt you’re creating disasters all by yourself. Assign the kiddos something that they may think is fun, and actually may complete the chore: dusting the floor and low surfaces, like under the furniture. Make sure they are getting in the habit of cleaning and organizing their own spaces, like their bedrooms, or playrooms.

Laundry labor. What’s the fabric in your home that you forget about and, in a way, take for granted? Furniture covers and curtains do their job all year long but do they ever receive any TLC? Take some time this season and clean the items appropriately: read the directions! 

Winter Hobbies

Think about your cold weather hobbies. As we bring most activities indoors, tidy and organize what you’re still interested in, or trash/donate what you want to be rid of, now. Perhaps start with your bookshelves, or crafting projects, like knitting. Donate the materials that you don’t want any more and it has become clutter, or what you know you won’t go back to again. Then dust what needs dusted, of course.

A general kitchen wipe down. The kitchen, especially, is a magnet for grease and grime. Damp microfiber cloths are the best for wiping down every surface. Just add water! Cleaning

A gift for spring cleaning. Think about some tools that never get a second glance…replace or fix any cleaning tools that may need it, now and then you won’t have to do it in the spring. 

Paper pile. Are you buried under a pile of paper? Mail, bills, paper confirmations, catalogs and on and on and on can easily get out of control. Devote a slot of time to sorting through the paper, with your favorite beverage, and throw out, shred, or file the appropriate pieces. Then establish an organizational system for all papers going forward, so you can find what you need easily.

The floors, the floors! The floors of your home get the roughest beating and, in the worst cases are tracked with mud, and in the best scenario are dusty and smudgy. Splurge a little and get your carpets cleaned professionally and then replace or refinish any hard floors, whether they are hardwood, tile, or linoleum.  

Finally, move on to the outdoors.Raking the Leaves Listen, this may be the last few times this year that you have to do any outside work before the snow, ice, and frigid temperatures move in. Mow the lawn. Clean up the flower and garden beds. Rake the leaves. Paint any surfaces that got battered by summer storms. Store the summer toys. Make sure the winter tools are easily accessible. 


Fall cleaning areas that we have missed? Let us know what we should have added in the comments below!

A World Gone Beige

Beige? Beige?!The ‘IT’ seasonal color is BEIGE? Okay, wait. We can get behind this. Beige. Ahh…beige is easy. It’s a calm place to rest your eyes. And if beige had a tagline, it would be ‘Beige. It goes with everything.’ Yes. We can get behind beige. 

Uptown Almond 2 PC. Sectional Sofa5 Piece Counter Height Dining SetChateau Bedroom Set

See? It’s time for beige to have its day, again! Let’s freshen it up, update this neutral, and charm everyone!

What is beige? It’s tan. Sorta. What is tan? In certain light, tan is a light brown. In other light it can look as light as white. It’s an earthy tone, think oatmeal, camel, sand that can look like several different earthy colors, and it can be combined with multiple combinations of other colors.

Get rid of the stigma that it’s drab. Beige isn’t drab if you add a spark. This is the color that can be anything! It can be plain. It can be calming. It’s neutral. It can be a sophisticated canvas for accenting with wilder, bolder colors and design choices.

Beige, plus. Beige + color keeps a space looking modern rather than old-fashioned and stuffy. Even neutrals have different shades so test out various beiges with the colors you want to add because, believe it or not, some shades will NOT look good with other colors. If you’re traveling the beige paint road then take samples when you’re furniture, or home accessory, shopping to make sure everything is cohesive.  

  • B + Brown= Brown richly contrasts with the beige for a luxurious look and design.
  • B + Black and White= Black updates it and white warms it up for a modern look.
  • B + Blue= Blues bring calm, peace, and the beige will borrow and learn from blues.
  • B + Neutrals= Confident color blocking with grays, creams, and whites…beautiful.
  • B + Bright Bolds= Beige furniture with bright and bold color accents. Warm, warm, warm.

Don’t fall flat…use texture. Beige is best for texture because with it as a background, anything goes. Add in fabric that can be touched, like smooth faux leather, soft velvets, and cool linens. Accent with alternating shiny metallic, and flat surface fabrics. This will not only covey chic-ness but uniqueness. It’s also one of those colors that instantly gains character depending on its natural state. For example, it can be weathered and un-fussy, and instantly look rustic and vintage.Beige background



Still not convinced? What, we couldn’t bring you over to the beige side? Have you heard of “greige”? Greige is straddling the line of the two colors, hence the name. It can be a light, cool color that will look natural and organic, or darker, more of a warm gray, and really itch the gray spot.

How do you feel about this color? Are you done with it and have moved onto a different neutral a long time ago? Or are you willing to give it a second chance, in a new way? Let us know your feelings in the comments section below!

There’s Nothing Better Than Mixing Brights with Whites

Nothing makes a bright color pop more than a background of white. It’s bold. It’s electrifying. It’s vibrant. And adding something exciting to an all-white room is one of the most thrilling parts of home decorating. It’s adding completeness to the incomplete. The bold to the bland. The personality to a blank slate. And bigger and brighter, is better.

What colors are the best to get that bright energy moving?Yellow

Let’s start with yellow. The sun. Need we say more? Happy. Vitamin C. Natural mood booster. Add yellow! It’s so appropriate in a nursery whether it’s an accent wall, or accent details. Also, a windowless bathroom, or laundry room, can use some yellow.   

The brightest blue. Bright blues are warm. Sky blue is like a summer days with white acting as clouds. Medium and deep blues are luxurious and elegant. Blues are neutral enough to be used as big pieces like furniture, but also are beautiful as an accent, like cupboard doors, against a white wood frame.

Decade Aqua 2 PC. Sectional Sofa

Orange is bright and fearless. If you’re thinking about usinOrange g orange in your home then you are bold. You are festive. And you are energized. Use it in a place where you entertain your family and friends and see if you notice a more lively difference in your social gatherings. A fearless, festive orange will always get a conversation going. It’s also a great background color for a funky area with modern fixtures and displayed artwork. 

Green can be surprisingly livable. Spring. Bright green grass and newly sprouted plants. Life. Green is another one of those brights that work in windowless rooms, or as an accent color in the curtains, pillows, or a small rug. Green can be a warm color against a white background.

Paradigm Quartz Sofa & Loveseat

Purple-ish. Terrific in small doses, and smaller rooms. Choose a light tone of the color, you don’t even need a deep hue for purple to pop against white, for something unexpected, warm, and yes, bright. 


Don’t be scared of red. Red is bright. Always. It doesn’t matter what shade of red, red makes a statement. But that’s not bad; that’s bold. It’s love! Red looks awesome next to white, and it also looks gorgeous next to white that is less bright, like cream.

Stately Scarlet Sofa & Loveseat

Have you done the brights against white? Let us know in the comments below!

Decorating Your First Home…Together

The big step. It’s practically the BIGGEST step you can take in a relationship…moving in together and then DECORATING TOGETHER. How do you do it? Do you have to throw out precious items that you’ve had in your own home to make room for someone else’s precious things? What’s on the compromise list and what isn’t? What about a budget? And how, oh how, are two styles expected to be combined successfully and tastefully? Bonus: if all of this happens with no, or let’s be realistic, few arguments.

Let’s break it down into four decision points: discuss these together and then decide what details can be figured out individually. 



Lighting is a big decision because not everyone likes the same type of light. How do the two of you fall on this issue? Is bright overhead lights, right? Or is nice and soft the way you want to go? In several rooms, you may not get to choose but in the ones where you do, this is a decision that you’ll have to make.

Individually: Oiled Bronze Twist 2 Lamp Multi-Pack

The lighting fixtures. There’s plenty of places where personality can insert itself in the light fixture. For example, lighting fixtures don’t even have to be the same from bathroom to bathroom. So divide as evenly as possible, and each of you pick the fixtures that you like. This can also be exercised with lamps that fit your separate styles.

Furniture and Rugs

Decide on main pieces together and buy them together. Both of you will be sitting on the furniture so it needs to be the same amount of comfortable. Make a mutual decision on the color and style you both like and a list of fabrics that both of you like, but also suits your lifestyle. Have a dog, or cat? Maybe a fabric that won’t embed every single strand of fur would make your life easier, for example.


Want an area rug? Research what each of you want and like separately, and compromise on the styles and colors that overlaps.

Shiloh Granite Reclining Sofa & Loveseat



Wall color, as we know, can make a huge statement. The good feeling about wall paint is that it’s relatively inexpensive and if you make a mistake, it can be remedied easily. Decide together if you both want to take any risks with color for the walls.


If you don’t want to go bold, you have your answer and it’s simple to stick to a white or gray palette. But if your opinions differ, again see where your tastes meet in the middle. And maybe if one of you likes something a little more outstanding and the other is opposed, take that bright color to the basement, or a small space like the bathroom. An accent wall is always an option, too.

Bedroom Attire


Bedrooms are important because good sleep is important. As far as bed linens go use the same logic as for the furniture: something that you both agree is comfortable and a bedspread that you wouldn’t mind looking at every day.


Compromise on the kind of furniture you want in the bedroom…do you want matching nightstands or not? Perhaps the person who doesn’t get to pick the lamps, picks the curtains. A rustic style headboard, or a cushioned headboard? Personalize each side of your bed with personalized objects, like photos, books, and small items that comfort and relax you.Outland Bedroom SetWindsor Silver Bedroom Set

What has your experience been decorating a home with another person? Let us know of any problems and/or ideas that comes along with compromising with home decorating in the comments below!

Small Bedroom? Small Problem.

Is your bedroom not all that you’ve dreamed it would be? Do you sit on your bed to use your desk? Is there just a very small perimeter to walk next to your bed? Then this is all for you! Let’s stop using words like ‘small’ and ‘cramped.’ Let’s start using words like ‘cozy’ and ‘quaint.’ Okay. Is your mind set changing? You can do so much CUTE in a small, we mean cozy, bedroom.

Cozy and Quaint

Have you heard decorating cozy bedrooms are tricky? It could be. But you can make use of every available spot and still make it look stylish and useful for its purpose.

Enviable hotel style. And not just any hotel. Boutique hotels are popping up in cities all over the country and their appeal is their smaller size, and personalized, individualized style curated for each room. So they could pretty much be a home bedroom. Take a cue since these rooms are styled in such a cute way guests hardly notice the size. And luxury can be created ANYWHERE: a padded headboard, plush throw blankets, and stacks and stacks of pillows. Small nightstands can at least hold a few necessities: a small lamp, and a spot for a cup of coffee in the morning.  

Space saver. Think about built-in shelves especially about the head of the bed where it won’t take up any precious space. Then use these open ‘cupboards’ to display books, decorative items, an alarm clock, and a few small succulents. These room accents can be the color so the rest of the space doesn’t become too busy.

Never too little for one more. Are you looking to use this cozy space for a kids’ (plural) bedroom? Or a guest room for Simmons Mission Hills Twin Twin Bunk Bedguests (plural)? Think about furniture that could be considered narrow. Twin beds could do the trick for either scenario, and so could bunk beds since you’re using the space above rather than the floor space. Style these furniture heavy bedrooms with wall lights, or small reading lights that could clip on bed headboards of on a shelf. Get creative with bedside tables if normal sized nightstands don’t fit. Use small stacked suitcases, or creatively paint some older crates.Matthew Chair Side Table

Focal point. Get rid of the boxy feeling that the same colored walls create by painting an accent wall for a focal point. A creative and different idea is painting in an ombré effect, or if you want to skip the paint, use wallpaper, or textured paneling. The wall, in the back of the room, creates depth.

Multi-functional and dual-purpose. Multi-functional furniture is a must in your quaint room. A tall bookcase can be EVERYTHING. A bookcase. A shelf for all of your belongings. If it’s sturdy enough, a place to put your TV.

Maximum minimal. Okay, you may not want to put too much in a smaller space but you can’t be afraid to decorate, either. Then the bedroom can end up looking like a bare cell. Make sure you furnish with rugs, lighting, and art and pictures on the wall. No matter the size a bedroom should be the room that you retreat to and feel relaxed.Instead go minimal, if you want, with a simple bed since it will give the impression of taking up less space.New York Black Trundle Bed

Fun house mirrors. Mirrors make everything look larger. Create a wall of mirrors and it will make the the room appear larger. But keep the room in the kind of condition that you want reflected in those mirrors: tidy, organized, and stylish.

Low storage. Invest in some storage that is low to the ground and gives you plenty of open space around the upper half of the bedroom. Or take a look at trundle beds that adds extra (hidden) storage. 

What are your tips for furnishing and styling small, no, cozy and quaint bedrooms? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Home Office

What do you want out of an office? Is it a place where you will REALLY be working in, or is it the place where you keep your computer? Do you want it to be a plain, professional room so there’s no distractions or is going to be a happy place?

home office desk

You probably have ideas, plans, and objects that need organized…are you looking for your office space to fulfill this purpose? These are all questions that need answered before you start snapping your office (back) into shape.

Plug It In

Create a manageable system for your electronics and all the mess that’s attached to it. Yes, we’re talking about the tangle of wires that will either at one time or another, trip you or you’ll accidentally unplug while crossing your legs under your desk. Let’s get that wire web under control!

The first tip is to have a place JUST for the electronics. There’s different wire organizational systems that can contain all of the wires and keep them all in one place. A computer’s keyboard and mouse in this space can be placed on a roll out drawer so it keeps those accessories off of the desk surface. Even a lower, sturdier shelf can hold the printer (and the rest of the wires). If this surface is against a wall, install a shelf above to hold your books, decorative accessories, and a light that can bend to shine downward.

Look at Something

Window View

This is a personal preference. In the scenario above, we have a desk type structure facing the wall, allowing a design choice for over the desk. This may be an ideal arrangement if you need to face a wall to block out any outside distractions.

But if you need to actually look at SOMETHING, face your desk toward the door, bonus points if you have some beautiful double glass doors and you can see into the next room. Or facing a window will always give you something to look at, even if you don’t have a spectacular view outside of it. Because windows mean sunshine, and sunshine is important to our mental health.

Desk Space

What is an office without the main purpose of an office? And by that we mean a place to sit down, and work, pay bills, or to organize your, or your family’s schedule. Make sure it is large enough to give yourself room to work and Sancho Paisley Arm cHAIRnot feel cluttered. This space also tends to be shared with another person’s work space. Measure and plan the details so everyone has enough (or equal) space for work and storage.

Get rid of the usual, boring work office desk chairs. Instead replace them with decorative arm chairs that are more comfortable and 100 times more beautiful.

What are your home office ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!

Decorate with COLOR in Two Unpredictable Spaces!

Color is not only connected to happy feelings but also important memories. So if you have colors in mind that make you feel a certain (good) way, incorporate them into your home. After all, what makes a home the most special is that it makes you feel good. And color can do that. But how do you do that in unpredictable spaces?

Bedrooms, especially kid’s bedrooms, are a no-brainer for including color. An accent wall in the living or dining room? Done. But the kitchen and the bathroom may be spaces that are low on the list. But why? Maybe because white is used in both of these rooms because it’s thought of as, “clean”? And that’s true.

But the main point is to not feel nervous or anxious about color. It’s about going with the color flow. Start with white, or another base neutral, and add vivid color on top.Venice 5 Piece Dining Set

  • Go neutral for the big ticket items, like appliances, counter tops, and other fixtures, and build with color with the window curtains, or the fabric seat cushions, or maybe even the dining set itself.
  • If you feel like installing color in a more permanent way, choose, or paint, the cabinets a color other than the more predictable neutrals.
  • Back-splash is not only a great way to introduce color, but also pattern. Pick an accent back-splash that will really pop against a neutral surface.
  • Other accessible color tricks can be had with wallpaper, throw rugs, and hanging fabric art.
  • How about some open cabinetry, or cabinets that have glass doors, so you can showcase a beautiful collection of brightly colored dishware? Talk about inserting your taste right into the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

What else do you have to add to the color idea for places like bathrooms and kitchens? What about the basement? What would you do there to keep away the dark and gloom that can present itself constantly in the basement? Let us know in the comments below!

Easy, Affordable, and Eco-Friendly

These days it’s relatively easy to be environmentally conscious. Taking the steps to put that consciousness into action can be a little more difficult especially incorporating that state of mind into your home. Recycling bin, check. CompostGreen Recycling pile in the garden, done. But what do you do inside your home, or with your furniture? Where to begin with your “greenness”? It can be easy and it doesn’t have to mean a major remodel or renovation. 

If you have the means, or money, there are state of the art home features that are good for the environment: solar panels on the roof, new appliances that work on less power, and building materials that won’t hurt the earth. But it doesn’t have to be SO big picture. There is such a thing as environmentally friendly daily, inexpensive living.

Make something new out of something old.

Put the handyman side of you to work! If you’re feeling like taking up a craft or project, make it happen right now. It’ll save you some money and give you a chance to use something that you already own. Paint a china cabinet to give it a refresh. Reupholster an old desk chair. If you’re good at sewing take old curtains and make pillows out of them.

Don’t throw it out.

There will come the day when you want to buy a whole house full of new furniture. (We know just the place!) So what do you do with all of the old furniture? You can move it down to your finished basement for a new look. You can give or sell it to people that want or need it. You can also donate it to a charity or Goodwill where it will most likely be purchased. So, how is this an eco-friendly decision? Because you’re not throwing old furniture into the garbage.

Re-prioritize your wish list.


There’s only a few things that you absolutely must have and need. But your wish list probably includes more than necessities. Ask yourself some important questions: ‘what do you need’ vs. ‘what do you want’? How long and how often will you use it? What will you do with it when you don’t want it/need it anymore?If you’re looking to be environmentally conscious then this information is important and will also make sure you’re really ready to make your purchase.

Quality for your money.

If you don’t want to purchase items more often than you think you should than it’s important to purchase quality. Purchase furniture, and purchase it here, that you love AND won’t have to replace every few years.

Keep the “old.”

Pick your projects wisely. You might have the home renovation itch, but it’s eco-friendly to keep the materials in place that don’t need to be replaced. This keeps old carpet out of the landfill, for example.

Do you have any ideas to share? Leave them in our comments section!

What’s New at American Freight Furniture!

It’s the end of summer 2016, and the merchandise at American Freight Furniture is hot! These brand new sofas, dining sets, and bedroom sets are brand new. Check your local store for availability, and furnish your home with all the newest home furniture! Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below!

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Radar Mahogany 2 PC. Sectional Sofa

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Stanza Delft Sofa & Loveseat

Leon 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Leon 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Sherwood 7 Piece Dinette Set

Sherwood 7 Piece Dinette Set

Giovanni Bedroom Set

Giovanni Bedroom Set

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Allegra Bedroom Set

Modern Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Home

Camping. Hikes through the local parks. Picnics at the beach. Do you have the word ‘rustic’ on your mind this season? You’re in luck! Rustic home décor is a huge trend right now. How can you achieve it without dragging dirt, leaves, and muddy water into the house? Get that classic and refined, yet natural style that brings the outside, in. Cabin

Accessorize on!

We’re talking glass. We’re talking iron, and we’re talking cotton. Sounds pretty rustic to us!

  • Use crisp white bedsheets, and linens on the dining room table.
  • Glass accent pieces, like very wide candlesticks, can be filled with other rustic materials like colorful stones, or other pretty details.
  • Iron wall art, especially paired with wood is a very rustic look. See this coffee table set!
  • Cotton, cotton, cotton. And cotton as in cotton balls, and puffs, that are used as decoration on wreaths, rugs, and more.

Open layout, cozy spaces. 

Open home layouts are very rustic: think of a lodge or a cabin. But this can subtract the coziness factor UNLESS you decorate and furnish in a cozy way. And in this instance, you have to CREATE the cozy spaces. Define different rooms with your chosen furniture, and colors that designate one space from another. And choose your furniture wisely. Add a very structured sofa to bring some tailoring to an otherwise loose, natural style.

Gunslinger Bark Sofa & LoveseatGeorgetown Bedroom Set


Even though rustic style is typically thought of being understated with natural elements it doesn’t have to be completely devoid of drama and emotion. Paint your kitchen cabinets a bold color, or introduce several different colored chairs to your dining table set.   

Modern AND rustic?

The two can co-exist in the same home, and dare we say it, complement each other. The simplest way to do this is install contemporary and modern touches and details on a rustic background. For example, the hardware on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets could veer into an un-rustic themed style.

Roma 3 Piece Table Set

Theme: rustic. 

On the flip side, a lot of the rustic pieces should be chosen intentionally picked to be in the rustic theme if that is what you want to do. Pick furniture that portrays the rustic look, lay down the woven area rugs, copper vases, and baskets that are woven for extra blankets and throw pillows.  

Softness and comfort.

What is a rustic space if it doesn’t include the materials like brick, wood, and other hard natural elements? But there should also be some softness for contrast and obviously, comfort. Make sure there’s plenty of huge furniture, soft rugs, and layers of pillows. Blanket and Lantern

Keep the outside, out.

Create an outdoor spot reminiscent of a rustic ski lodge for lounging. Here you can really go all out if you want since it’s rustic in its natural habitat. Wooden porch furniture will make the statement!

Are you feeling the rustic decor trend or does it feel more like poison ivy? Let us know in the comments below!